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Our Story

Welcome to Shaeya's Apothecary we produce and sell handmade cleaning products to Aotearoa.

Shaeya has always had a passion for making beauty and home products herself with natural ingredients from her own home apothecary. Her drive to reduce waste led her to the idea of sharing her products with the whole of Aotearoa. And so Shaeya’s Apothecary began.

​Our goal is to normalize the use of eco friendly products and stamp out chemicals and highly toxic products from your household. We want to help you reconnect with mother nature and show you how simple it can be reducing harmful products from your home.  

Shaeyas Apothecary focuses on a massive global issue by creating products that have a positive environmental impact. We strive to empower others to take the first baby step in their journey of reducing their carbon footprint.   

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